1. The papers may be presented in the form of oral communication, publication in proceedings or poster. The author(s) should indicate how the papers should be presented, but the Scientific Committee will be responsible for the final decision on how to present the papers approved for participation in the workshop.
  2. The texts must be sent after careful correction of the responsibility of the author. The replacement of the text will NOT be allowed.
  3. Papers submitted outside the standards and dates set forth below will not be assessed and/or published.
  4. TEXT FORMATTING: A4 paper, font Times New Roman 12 (except title that will be size 14 in bold), single space, justified paragraph, all margins 3cm .
  • TITLE: number of free characters (in Portuguese and English);
  • SUMMARY: up to 1000 characters (approximately 12 lines);
  • KEY WORDS: three keywords;
  • ABSTRACT: up to 1000 characters (approximately 12 lines)
  • INTRODUCTION: up to 4000 characters (approximately 2 pages);
  • MATERIAL AND METHODS: (approximately 2 pages);
  • RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS: up to 8000 characters (approximately 4 pages);
  • FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: up to 1500 characters (approximately 2, or 3 paragraphs, of 5 lines each);
  • ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: up to 500 characters (non-mandatory);
  • REFERENCES AND QUOTES: number of free characters, formatted according to the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas – ABNT);
  • It is possible to insert images (figures, graphs, tables, etc.), these with good resolution and in file jpg or gif.

5. The sending of the text implies authorization for publication, without burden for the organization of the event and without loss of copyright of the author.


  1. The content of the published texts is the sole responsibility of the authors, so it does not represent the official position of the event and its organizers.
  2. The registration system is by electronic means, both for sending data and for generating bank statements ( In order to complete the registration, the participant must submit the work according to the norms of the event at the time of registration.
  3. Only one (1) paper per participant will be allowed. For co-authorship, entries must be made for each author so that each one receives his or her own certificate. Receipt of this is dependent on individual enrollment and attendance at presentation. There is no limit to co-authoring entries, provided that the registration and payment of communication fees are observed.
  4. After registration, the listener or communicator must generate the registration ticket and pay it until the deadline and send a digital copy of it to Organizer Committee (
  5. No registration fees will be returned, nor will exchanges of participants be accepted. Important: It will be duly certified the attendees that reach a frequency equal or greater than 75%, proven by means of list (s) of presence (s) in possession and under the responsibility of the Organizing Committee.

The papers should be sent in WORD format .doc or .docx to the event’s email:

Poster Template (.pptx)